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Socially concious property solutions

Privately owned, ethically run

How our journey started

From a small, derelict Grade II listed building in 2013, to 500,000 sq ft of prime property on the M4 corridor ten years later, Boyce Group is a tale of pushing boundaries, reinvesting and nurturing a culture for big ideas.

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Growing larger

With no prior building or property knowledge, Niall Leighton-Boyce started Boyce Group and set about his first modest project, redeveloping a fire-damaged Grade II listed shop and maisonette. From here things grew with larger, more complex projects purchased year-on-year.

Ever evolving

Whilst the Boyce Group started as a property development company, it has now evolved into a fully integrated property solution which encompasses architecture, construction, lettings, finance, asset management and much more.

Our Companies

The Portfolio

The Boyce Group portfolio is diverse and ever-growing, from recording studios to shopping centres and everything in between. Having a bespoke property portfolio spanning different sectors of the market offers future-proofing, and promotes the out-of-the-box thinking the group is so well known for. The majority of assets are located in central Bristol, where the headquarters are also based. 

The Real Living Wage

As a modern profitable company, Boyce Group believes in paying the Real Living Wage or above and is accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. This is the case across all subsidiaries, and additionally, Boyce Group have also asked all their commercial tenants, subcontractors and consultants to sign agreements to pay the Real Living Wage while in a contract with Boyce Group and any of its companies. With a 90% compliance rate at present, the hope is this will grow to encompass all partners.

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Niall Leighton-Boyce

The Boyce of Boyce Group

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Born in 1987, Niall had a challenging school experience due to his dyslexia and dyspraxia, however, this didn’t hinder his entrepreneurial mind. During primary school, he sold watches from Hong Kong, and by secondary school he was selling computers.

School concluded at age 16 with no qualifications to show for it. Niall started a chef’s apprenticeship. Whilst short-lived, this was likely where his sweet tooth developed. He also attended courses in welding and computer hardware, later committing to selling computers full-time with Sapphire Systems, a retail shop which he later sold at age 19.

After a first taste of success, Niall decided that selling cars would be a fun way to make a living, alongside a dalliance back into hospitality, owning a coffee shop and bar. Although none of which were where he found his future path, each lesson paved the way.

By 2010 Niall had moved to Bristol, whilst still growing his car sales business he watched property auctions and attended many viewings. In 2013 Niall purchased his first building in Old Market, Bristol, and so the story of Boyce Group starts.

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With the success of Boyce Group Niall has setup various other companies, bringing many elements of property and asset management under Boyce Group direction. Beacon Lily- property management, Nap- serviced accommodation, Boxb- dark kitchens, Studio Gallagher- sculptures & bespoke furniture, Clifton Development Services- architecture and development management to name a few.

Socially Niall travels the world, with a phone glued to his hand, he can often be found at sea or skiing down the side of a mountain. You will never know what he is up to on his phone, it could be arranging the purchase of his biggest assets to date, organising a group holiday, a spa day for his mother or just stuck in an Instagram Reel rabbit hole. 

Niall has a passion for design and get particularly inspired by working on listed buildings as he enjoys a challenge.

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