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Socially concious property solutions

Privately owned, ethically run

How our journey started

From a small, derelict Grade II listed building in 2013, to 500,000 sq ft of prime property on the M4 corridor ten years later, Boyce Group is a tale of pushing boundaries, reinvesting and nurturing a culture for big ideas.

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Growing larger

With no prior building or property knowledge, Niall Leighton-Boyce started Boyce Group and set about his first modest project, redeveloping a fire-damaged Grade II listed shop and maisonette. From here things grew with larger, more complex projects purchased year-on-year.

Ever evolving

Whilst the Boyce Group started as a property development company, it has now evolved into a fully integrated property solution which encompasses architecture, construction, lettings, finance, asset management and much more.

Our Companies

The Portfolio

The Boyce Group portfolio is diverse and ever-growing, from recording studios to shopping centres and everything in between. Having a bespoke property portfolio spanning different sectors of the market offers future-proofing, and promotes the out-of-the-box thinking the group is so well known for. The majority of assets are located in central Bristol, where the headquarters are also based.